– Surprise Spa Day with Bunny Colby 2020 Tribbing

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Category: Massage

Bunny Colby has lost her job and is feeling down. SheA recently lost her job, and is now struggling with all the responsibilities that come with it. She was looking forward to going to the spa, even though it shouldn’t be her biggest worry. She feels that NOTHING is going right these days.
Jezabel Vessir is her closest friend and comes to her aid in times of crisis. She learns of the spa and decides to treat Bunny. Despite being sheepish, Bunny accepts her friend’s offer and so she does.
BunnyA is washed by Jezabel and brought back to the living area. It has been turned into a spa. BunnyA is impressed by JezabelAs attention to details and immediately melts when she begins a scalp and shoulder massage. Jezabel is more involved in the massage the longer it goes. She gets so involved that she even reaches down and massages BunnyAA’s breasts. Bunny may be surprised initially, but after all the hardship she’s had, BunnyA’s determined to get down with her best friend.
All BunnyA’s problems disappear when Jezabel jumps into BunnyA’s pussy. Perhaps THIS is the thing she needs in order to feel confident and able to turn her life around.

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