– The Return of Post Apocalyptic.. Surgeon Scofflaw & Lady Sophia & Arcana 2017 Gloves

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Category: Domination

Place in the arid barren, languid and punishing realm of this desert. Surgeon Scofflaw now reigns as the desert Dom. Equipped with her newest errand boy onto her arm, together they search for resources and new playthings in the desert.Everyone plays fine until Surgeon notices the excruciating attraction between her boy as well as their brand new newfound instrument. Poor gets punished, put into suspension bondage, and concealed. During this whirlwind a luscious and alluring intruder is discovered Sophia St. James.Watch the ever shifting sensual power play unfold between these four post apocalyptic desert women. Fisted kissed, hit, whipped and spanked, all below the desert sun’s heat at the post world that was brand new.

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