Extrabigdicks.com – Deep Drilling with Dakota 2005

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Someone once said that “it’s not what you have, but how you use it” and Dakota’s hunger to be drilled harder, longer and deeper than anyone else. He loved what Christian had and more importantly, what the big pole did in every hole. Christian has all the top, and Dakota is a bottomless hungry guy with an itch to fulfill ….. Or should I put a few holes? You get the idea. Dakota is clearly drooling over Christian from the beginning. With a beautiful face and body, Dakota exhales Christian’s cock and lets him know he is safe. Dakota even takes Christians’ dick and rubs it on his face, allowing Christian the freedom to be more dominant, while Christian is a generous, passionate top. Intuitively, Dakota knows how much Dakota needs and what he is able to take. Then, he will give him more. Christian teases Dakota like a lion with its dick…making him want it. Dakota takes the time to lick his cock, with as much reverence as he can muster. Christian commands Dakota and then starts to grind his dick in DakotaAAss. Dakota is not able to stop the blissful sex. DakotaA’s sex seems made to be enjoyed by Christians. The chemistry between them seems to blossom before our eyes. The Man in Christian emerges even more when one of their legs goes up, and Dakota begins to sensually hump Dakota. This makes Dakota fall to his chest. Dakota pulls Dakota onto his back, and Christian follows DakotaAs orders for A’FUCK IT’. Christian then strokes DakotaA until DakotaA is fully clothed. Dakota is waiting patiently as Christian makes his way to Dakota’s couch. Dakota has something extra big to be grateful for. We wish Dakota a wonderful holiday.

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