Extrabigdicks.com – Shower Shock Alexander Greene & Tony Orion 2015 Hairy

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Its hard with a roommate. Privacy goes out the window! When you believe you have a minute alone to yourself, any your roomie may come barging in. Particularly when its two guys and one of them is a bit oblivious. When Tony Orion begins the shower he realizes he forgot his towel, so that he moves back into his room to get one, and when his youthful jock roommate Alexander Greene groggily gets his way into the bathroom, he doesnt believe anything of the simple fact that the waters running and jumps right in to the shower. When Tony gets back, he has a big surprise waiting for him – made bigger due to the simple fact that Alexanders been operating his morning wood till a fantastic major boner!Tony doesnt know which is the larger jolt, grabbing his roomie nude or viewing what a huge trouser-snake Alexander comes between his thighs. Tony worships it and then drops to his knees in the tub in awe of Alexanders cock melts them both. Alexander plows Tony from the toilet as the thick dick frees him to lengths that no dick has reached in him 31, as Tony moans in ecstasy. Lucky for him, even if he wants to feel that huge dick again, Alexanders room is simply a couple feet away!

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