Ftvgirls.com – First Time Beauty with Melina 2010 Fetish Play

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We are amazed at how beautiful she is walking through the mall. Her casual look is stunning, and she looks very attractive in her heels. This girl is open and friendly and explains why sheAs trying it for the first time and why sheAs doing this on FTV. At this public location, she flashes her breasts and gives us a full-body view. She then moves to the farthest spot in the mall and masturbates using her fingers for a natural, intimate orgasm. She then gets naked and shows off her full body! You can see her perfect, firm butt. She then tries on lingerie to show off her toned body, and gives herself a good breast and butt massage in the bathroom. She then tries vibrators for the first times in her entire life, and she has two strong orgasms. She couldn’t stop. The next day sheA’s wearing a gorgeous pink dress with gold heels and walking in a park. She then takes her panties to a fountain. She then slowly stuffs the panties inside, and they disappear. She then sits down on a cart and pulls the toys out. She wants to have another masturbation and uses two of her favorite toys. We see her again, all beautiful and numb after cooling off in the fountain. We meet her for lunch and she changes into some sportswear. It turns out rock climbing is one of her greatest hobbies. As people pass her, she does it naked. Then, she climbs up a rock ledge to go masturbating for the last time. You can see her complete First Time experience here on FTV!

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