– Mr. Shine with Hank Real 2008

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Hank Real,’s bell ringer, rang the alarm on another sunny Florida day. In the bright noon sun’s intense rays, Mr. Clean looked as if he had a call. And oh, man did he knock at the right door. His 180 pounds were distributed all over the place, as we will see. This versatile star from a trio DVDA’s by some of the most prominent names in gay erotica is as charming as he is hot. His perfect combination of charm and man-next door charisma is infused with simmer sexuality. We were captivated by his charming demeanour long before he even got to pulling on ours. Hank worked as a personal trainer for the past ten years and ran a gym. He then left his ex-boyfriend and started a new life. In a salute of hedonism, Hank was drawn to California to meet 200 men for sex. This gave him the urge to indulge in the sexual pleasures he’d been longing to experience. He said that he doesn’t have as much sex now than he used to. The only difference is that I find it more enjoyable. Hank, despite his manly body and chrome-dominant smile still has that boyish twinkle. He declares, “I am here to entertain your boys,” directly to the camera. His hands are just above his cameltoe of large balls that can be seen through his thick shorts and denim. He quickly reaches into his shirt and flicks his nips. In a display of almost uncontrollable self-confidence, he is strong to the point that he resists the temptation to become an A’roid zombie. He looks a lot more like Star TrekA Captain Picard than Mr. Clean. His deep space exploration became centered around the new territory created by him unzipping his pants and then going back to produce the bat. It was thick and soft with a helmet-shaped spear head, and about six and half inches in diameter. He giggles, rubs, strokes and displays every angle of the shaft, becoming a thick, eight-inch meat. His lips elicit a primal grunt and his head throbs with the first signs of pain. Hank began to smash his balls into his leg, and his hole was once more visible. He found something better than the ground, a thick, dildo that was twice as thick as his own cock. He moved towards the couch and that toy was still in his hole. Hank fucked against it with his other hands while lubricating his cock. He grabbed the base of his dildo and worked with it as a corkscrew. The cum poured all over the couch’s back, before finally landing a resting spot on his stomach. Hank reached down to wipe it off and then sucked the remaining cum out of his hands.

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