– Jennifer Dark & Johnny Sins Jennifer Dark & Johnny Sins 2013 Medium Ass

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The Alluring Jennifer Dark sneaks in through the back at Johnny's Home.

She also creepily picks up and aromas his wife's lingerie which she left out. She even drops her own garments and puts them on! Much to her surprise she discovers Johnny sleeping in your home. She hovers around him for a few minutes then slides straight to his bed. She begins feeling on his torso and slowly making her way down to his dick. Johnny wakes up but, doesn't open his eyeshe starts talking to Jennifer as though it had been his wife. Jennifer begins to slowly work his penis into her mouth before Johnny eventually opens his eyes since that BJ was a bit more fantastic than usual. Johnny believes it's a little odd in the beginning and Jennifer just wants to pretend to be his wife for just a day for many dick! Well, as long as Katie doesn't figure out Johnny is just fine with pretending!

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