– Retail Stress Melody Jordan & Kimberly Gates 2013 Brunette

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Scene Kimberly Gates Comes with a Difficult retail job and needs desperately to relax.

Melody Jordan is convinced she can help Kimberly reach that sweet nirvana that a great massage can bring on. Kimberly strips down, exposing her little breasts and perfect butt. When Melody reenters, she has to operate on Kimberly’s back with her perfectly manicured handson. The ladies have a fantastic rapport and enjoy some light flirting. Melody spends additional time on Kimberly’s thighs, so because she’s at work all day and on her feet, and you can look up between her thighs at her neatly manicured pussy. Seeing Melody perform her way up to Kimberly’s breasts is totally erotic. She knows just how to perform her tiny tits to receive her nipples hard as stones. Kimberly gets a little shy when Melody eliminates her towel, revealing a patch of pubic hair on her pussy, but Melody reassures her she knows what she is doing and Kimberly gives in to her nicely skilled hands. Once Melody gets nude she can not wait to place her mouth Kimberly’s clit no more. The close ups of her tongue breaking her slit and getting into her deep pits are sexy. Kimberly cums readily for Melody as she uses a vibrator on her pussy while licking at her asshole. Kimberly is really turned on that she turns the problem around to consume Melody out before she cums on her tongue.

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