– Passion and Love for My Asshole with Kandy 2017 Lips

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Kandy is holding her slave, with her nose in her ans. As she’s farting, Kandy moves her slave closer to her. She raises her legs in the air and comments on how much she enjoys having her ass licked every day for hours. She chuckles and says, “I have my ass licked multiple times per day.” This is only the beginning. While she explains the proper function of the tongue, she stresses that passion and genuine affection for female assholes are key. She explains that aEURoe”nothing matters except my asshole.” You can see her entire body and puckered anus with her cheeks spread out.

Kandy states that the slave’s food and drink is entirely at her own discretion. He may get more than just nectar or nuggets at times, but she will make him wait until she is feeling better and then feed him from her own body. However, she does have some other treats for her slaves. The slave is then asked to shave her arms and place the hair in a cup. The slave continues to lick. Kandy is shocked at how close the slave gets to Kandy’s pussy. However, she says that itaEUR(tm),s only for real men. She would not allow any dirty slave tongue near her heart. Kandy sometimes sends her slave to meet a girl she likes to have a good time. He must not let KandyaEURTMs stench on his breath get to his mouth. He must let the world know how disgusting his breath smells so that all women can see it. It makes me think that he is entangling himself with a young, vain woman and they are sharing my pleasure. The slave is instructed to take long, sexy licks all the way from her bottom up until her pussy. She warns him to not touch the thing. Kandy has been loosened up by all the anal probing and wants some passion from the slave as he licks her. She demands that you aEURoeWrap my lips around her assholeaEUR It’s time to get a nasty treatmentaEUR. Slave does what heaEUR(tm).s instructed.

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