Everythingbutt.com – Tara’s Ass pounding interview… with January Seraph 2010 anal stretching

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Is Tara Lynn up for the challenge of being Miss JanuaryA’s assservant? TaraA is a young, round and beautiful assassin. But Miss JanuaryA clients have high standards and are looking for more than beauty. They need an ass-slave who can work hard. Miss January preps TaraA for work by shaving and cleansing her sweet, pink genitals with an amazing enema. After TaraA has shaved her ass, Miss Jan tests her abilities in the most difficult job interview Tara Lynn ever had. Miss January test TaraAAs ability to serve herself by watching Tara play with large glass toys and fumbling her own genitals until she cums. Tara proves her ability to service clients by worshiping Miss JanuaryA’s hot ass with her greedy little tongue in some of the hottest ass-licking/facesitting weA’ve seen. Then Miss January puts Tara in body stock and pounds her ass relentlessly while TaraA, the young blonde ass-whore, cums like an ass-slave. Is Tara LynnA’s hot sex worth it? It’s pretty certain she was hired.

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