Hogtied.com – Little Emma Haize severely bound. Made to cum! Brutal crotch rope pulls her off the floor! with Emma Haize 2010 Vaginal Penetration

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Category: BDSM

Hogtied welcome Emma Haize! The tiny, 20-year old model is just as cute as she looks. EmmaA is a 20-year old model who is experiencing professional bondage. This meet and greet is where EmmaA sees if she can manage the day and capture more scenes than others. The camera captures all tying and stripping, including gagging. This is a real experience that we make for Emma to see her weaknesses and strengths. Then, we use them both. This results in Emma suffering some severe bondage. Emma suffers as her sensitive, wet-shaved and weighed almost the entire time. What length of time can someone hold themselves up? What amount of pussy abuse is this girl capable of enduring before she starts begging for help?

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