– Fishnets and facesitting! with Amelie 2010 Brown eyes

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Lily LaBeau made a lasting impression last week in Kid Jamaica’s footjob set. Lily is now back to show her versatility. Lily immediately takes control, tieing Amelie’s wrists, and then pleading with the fishnet-clad girl with her tongue. You’ll be able to feel the fishnets on your face and mouth if you have ever experienced it. Lily takes the fishnet socks from her friend, sniffs them, then attaches Amelie to her ankles. Amelie, now bound on the red couch is stretched out, and Lily’s nylon-clad shoes are at her mercy. They probe Amelie’s pussy while she rubs one her stiletto heels across her sole and butt. Lily begins to play with Amelie’s pussy while she lays still. Soon Lily removes her socks and presses Amelie’s soles onto her face. They are all worshiped by the blonde, who eats their heels and soles. All of it ends up with Lily laying on Amelie and exhaling in pleasure. Amelie is a good cushion for Lily, and her butt looks great! Amelie might like to rest. Can I help? ?

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