– Nylon Foot Fest! with Victoria Sweet 2012 Bedroom

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Victoria Sweet, a black-haired beauty with red hair and Alyssia loop (with her neck wrapped in black fabric) join forces for a lesbian footfest. Both are wearing black sheer knee socks and enjoy rubbing their feet together through the nylons. Alyssia first sucks toe and licks the Sweet digits. Victoria then returns the favor enthusiastically, and Alyssia pulls away her red panty waist so that we can see her pussy. The black nylon makes both girls’ soles feel soft and welcoming. Victoria also licks Alyssia’s titties, but the main focus is on their feet. After some foot-69 fun, Alyssia stands above Victoria and puts her foot into Victoria’s mouth. Victoria lifts her feet, and then rubs Alyssia’s bums with her nylon nails. Alyssia also gets her panties down with her feet. Victoria also enjoys sucking Alyssia’s heels. The nylon socks are soon removed and the girls tug at the fabric. We get nice photos of the red-manicured hands sliding beneath the nylon. The girls rub their soles against each other’s naked feet, and they play with one another’s pussy. Victoria pulls Alyssia’s lips apart with her large toes, then Alyssia does the same by pressing her size 8.5 fingers against Alyssia. Two pink vibrators suddenly appear and Victoria takes one of them while Alyssia eats the other. As the Loop labia slides in, Victoria holds the dildo with her size 9 feet. Victoria kneels down over Alyssia, sucking her feet, while her friend’s vibe sticks to her pussy. Then they lay on the beds, with their feet extended toward our pleasures.

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