– When Ladies Clinch! with Isla 2013 Tattoo

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Category: Alt Porn

It is always great to see the chemistry between models. This is what happens when two brunettes are paired in a bedroom. Lucia Love in the black sheer patterned pants and Isla in the white beige pantyhose clinch against the mirror. They then kiss their bottoms, sniff their crotches, and kiss each other. They then move onto the bed, where Isla slaps Lucia’s genitals through the crotch. Lucia moves to her toes and licks the beige-stretchy digits that peek through the thin, red-polished fabric. Both ladies quickly rip off their tights so Lucia can touch Isla’s pink-polished size 8.5. They slap at one another, Lucia especially loving Isla’s large toe. Lucia then falls on Lucia’s head, her head caught between the slinky legs. Lucia then wraps her pantyhose around Isla as she snatchs and cracks. Isla is proud to have a tattoo of aEURoeA Man’s Ruin underneath her left breast. You know the saying, “To be forewarned means to be forearmed!” Isla, based on this inky warning would make a great dominating queen for a submissive man!

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